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Welcome to the sonic world of Digital Kitchen

Digital Kitchen is an experiment in original digital audio recordings!

This web site is dedicated to artists and labels currently pursuing alternative means to create and distribute original music to the masses. It is also the home page for, a web site I created to publish my own digital audio recordings to share with you all. I hope you enjoy this site and the information it provides the digitally curious.

Digital Kitchen Recording

Convenient and inexpensive digital recording is a solution for pre-production, demo, and complete CD recording projects.

The Digital Kitchen recording studio is an affordable alternative to big budget full production studios. For projects not requiring full band set-ups, with intentions of commercial work, demo projects, or solo production efforts, the
Digital Kitchen is a means for quality production and duplication. All recordings by Chris Reddy were recorded in the Digital Kitchen !

Digital Kitchen Productions is now offering working musicians the following services at the low rate of $ 15/hour
 ● Pre-production vocal work
 ● Demo work – individual performance based
 ● Mixing – with compatible formatted media
 ● Individual performance based solo projects
 ● Project production/engineering

Please call 508-852-4242 to schedule a block of time – (all rates require a minimum 6 hour block)

The Digital Kitchen home studio concept utilizes the following equipment
 ● Yamaha – AW4416 – 16 Track digital recorder with fully automated faders and 99 track mixing
 ● Sony MDM – X4 – 4 track pre-production digital recording (syncs w Aw4416 for 20 track capability)
 ● Lexicon and ART effects processing
 ● Bellari tube pre-amps
 ● Roland XP-10 and EMU – Proteus PK 6 synthesizers
 ● POD Line 6 Amplification – direct
 ● Fender Deluxe amplification – Live and direct
 ● Alesis and Proteus drum machines
 ● Studiophile digital monitors
 ● AKG tube microphones
 ● Fender guitars
 ● Philips CD duplication

    Email correspondence to